The good, the bad and the ugly with responsive web design

One of the great benefits of attending conferences is that you get to meet interesting people and share ideas.

Last week we traveled to Barcelona and got the opportunity to visit Elespacio and give a talk titled “The good, the bad and the ugly with responsive web design” at the Space is the place 2.

Awwwards Conference 2015

Responsive Web Design has been around for a while and it’s worth taking a step back to see what a successful responsive project actually requires.

The goal with the talk was to share some opinionated thoughts on what is positive, and what we should pay attention to in our development workflow. An inside look behind some Responsive Web Design case studies were shown, as well as how we addressed some of the good, the bad and the ugly points behind each of those projects.

Big thanks to Elespacio for inviting us to the very interesting Space is the place 2 event. Hope to see you all again soon!

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