Estimation process survey

A few months ago we created a survey to find out more on how other companies do their estimation process.

The survey attracted 28 responses from different companies.

Let’s take a look at the results.

What is the size of your agency?

The majority of our answers come from 1-10 employee agencies. Some from 10-20 and 20-50 as well.

How many estimations do you usually perform every month?

Most of the companies that participated perform 1-5 estimations per month.

When you are estimating a project, what tool do you use to calculate the price?

Using a spread sheet to estimate seems to be the most common approach.

When you have your estimation ready, how do you share it with the client?

One of the most interesting results, there is a wide mix of how the result is shared with the client.

When you share your estimation, how is the final number presented?

Question related to the previous one. Again we see some mixed results on the presentation part.

Do you see any way you could possibly automate or facilitate your estimation/offer process? How?

We have selected a couple of answers that called our attention:

“It’s so simple, excel is fine.“

“Unfortunately the estimation process is very different between projects.“

“Yes we use T-shirt Sizing sometimes to quickly estimate.“

“Most of the process is already automated, but you can’t automate the insight and client specific notes that show that you care and really show interest in the project.“


Thank you for participating!

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