Our year in review - 2016

What a year! It’s time to look back and reflect on what just happened.

14islands team

We feel humbled to have attracted such amazing clients and projects over the years. At some points we’ve had to turn down interesting projects due to “only” being a team of three developers. This year we made a decision to start looking for a new digital talent to join our team.

As we approached March, Marco had been working remotely from Brazil for a few months and we decided it was time for a grand reunion. So, we all jumped on a plane and decided to meet half way..

Off to Texas

We had found the perfect meeting spot - SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas . The conference featured lots of amazing talks and smart people in our industry. We wrote a piece on the current trends today.

The outcome is that we are living a very exciting digital phase in history right now. Talk about to start the year inspired!

Krush booth at SXSW
Krush booth at SXSW
A short video from our trip to SXSW Interactive, Texas

What we do best

We worked on the Plume website with our friends at North Kingdom; built a new company website for our neighbours Bedow; did a campaign site with Audible in Germany; worked on many exciting projects with our smashing buddies at Fjord; made a product configurator with our new client Stokke; and many other projects.

A screen recording of the Plume website

At this moment we are cooking one of the coolest projects we’ve worked on yet, with an army of digital talents. More about that later.


Marco visited an old friend who lives in Australia. In this trip he also had the chance to give talks and meet one of our good clients, Montgomery, in Sydney.

Marco and Sacha in Melbourne, Australia
Marco and Sacha in Melbourne, Australia

Hjörtur visited friends living in Malawi, Africa, and took a Safari trip in Zambia with his family.

A leopard sleeping in a tree in Zambia
A leopard sleeping in a tree in Zambia

David thought it was a good idea to buy a small sailing boat without knowing how to sail. He also went looking for polar bears in Svalbard.

A warning sign in Svalbard
A warning sign in Svalbard

"Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

Culture Bible

We made time to write Our Handbook as a reference of who we are and how we run things as a company. We believe writing openly can benefit both us and the community.

"We are united by our passion for great user experiences, beautiful design and creative technologies.”

The 14islands Handbook

And by the way… we did hire!

Welcome Natalia! She is a graduate from Copenhagen School of Design & Technology and holds a Bachelor degree in Web Development and AP degree in Multimedia Design. We are super happy that she found her way to us, and we already feel like a stronger team.

Could you share a little about you in under VARCHAR(255) characters?
I’m 24, come from Poland but spent the last 6 years in Copenhagen studying and bartending. I love Vietnamese food, analogue cameras, traveling to faraway places and.. Harry Potter. Crazy and colourful designs with a hint of magic are my absolute favourite to work with.

What excites you about web development?
The fact that there’s always something new and fun to explore. What gets me really excited right now is creating crystal balls, flying donuts and other crazy things that THREE.js has to offer.

Can you make it through the Swedish winter?
Let’s see, this will be the first one!

Abba, Zlatan or Alfred Nobel?
Alfred, of course. Gotta stick with the nerds ;)

On the edge

A good way to stay on top of technologies is to create time for hacks and experiments. We did a hack called Aeronaut to experiment with WebGL and WebVR. Another more useful hack is an app called vecka.14islands.com which we built to try out the latest Progressive Web App technologies.

Hacks and experiments
Hacks and experiments

We have continued to share open source libraries on Github and playful Codepens this year. We wrote a number of blog posts and shared countless happenings on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We’ve also given talks to share some behind the scenes of our work.

Marco having a talk about animations on the web, in Melbourne, Australia
Marco having a talk about animations on the web, in Melbourne, Australia

Meet our new office

Up until this point we’ve had the pleasure to share space with Plan8. We’ll always remember the good times we had there as we were growing up as a company. Now it’s time to step it up a notch.

Meet the new 14islands Headquarters. We are super happy about it. It’s a humble and cozy space in the same building as before in the hipster part of town. We are currently in the phase of decorating, making coffee and buying toilet paper. It’s gonna be great.


Julfest at Yasuragi

When it draws close to Christmas every year we have a celebration. We usually seek out Swedish traditions, but this time we went Japanese style at Yasuragi. Yasuragi is a Spa Hotel located in the archipelago near Stockholm.


Hot bath in a cold weather. The contrast might surprise you but it’s pleasantly relaxing. A few activities and snaps of sake later and our energies were fully recharged for the winter.


2017 is here!

Our sixth year in business is upon us. We want to take this opportunity to thank all our friends, partners and you for a great run so far.

We wish you an amazing year!

14islands team

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