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Re-thinking design with Bedow.

Bedow is an award winning design studio in Stockholm, Sweden. They also happen to be our neighbors. We couldn’t be more delighted to collaborate with an agency with such an impressive design portfolio.

A new approach

Bedow is known for their creative ideas and they wanted to make sure the new website reflects that. The new design featured some aspects that we haven’t seen before. Bold typography and animated icons made us feel excited right from the start.

New page.
Built from mobile up to big screens
Built responsive from mobile up to big screens

Beautifully Flexible

The site features a customizable grid that lets them design their pages as they see fit. Lots of breathing room and flexibility to help them showcase their cases in a better way.

Bedow grid example.

It’s in the details

Thinking outside the box is something we always remind ourselves to practice. Their idea of not having a typical “hamburger icon” on the site gave us a smile. Branding based on typography instead of a logo? Exchanging words with icons? Bring it!

The work page also features animations that are based on the user interaction. Another demonstration of clever navigation is the filtering that works by clicking on the different category links.


The fact that we are neighbors made good face-to-face communication prominent. Quick catch-ups also allowed us taking some decisions “in the browser” - making it an agile and open-minded process.

Live mobile testing with Bedow visiting 14islands HQ.
Live mobile testing with Bedow visiting 14islands HQ.


Responsive at it’s core, the site uses Wordpress with a custom content architecture and our own theme boilerplate.

“Our collaboration with 14islands was
superb. Their professional, open minded and curious approach resulted in a splendid website — both for the user and for us, managing the content.”

Perniclas Bedow Perniclas Bedow Creative Director


The synergy in projects like this is an important factor for the outcome and we are super happy with the result. Thank you Bedow for the opportunity and for sharing your design perspective with us.

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