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Making cloud security look splendid.

Elastica is a cloud security startup based in Silicon Valley. Part of their journey was to build a beautiful website to present their services.

Building the hype

We set out on a mission to combine Responsive Web Design, captivating animations and great performance — realising how important it is for a company like Elastica to build confidence in their visitors.

The site was partially built in Wordpress, in order to give the Elastica marketing team the control and freedom they need to work with the content.

Built from mobile up to big screens
Built responsive from mobile up to big screens

Design & UX

This is one of many successful projects we’ve done together with UENO. The Elastica website features bold colors, long storylike pages and creative animations.

Elastica threats page

We absolutely love taking on designs with this level of creativity and ambition. It makes hard work and attention to detail so much more rewarding.

The Elastica blog with large engaging hero images

A blog was built in Wordpress which features large cover images and styled content. All text and images are completely dynamic and editable — empowering the editors to create new, beautifully designed pages.

Bringing it to life

In addition to crafting a fully responsive experience, the goal was to create an exciting story as you scroll through the pages. We built tasteful animations and transitions to enhance the content and guide visitors through the website.

Animations on the Elastica website run based on the scroll position, and they are timed to play exactly when entering the viewport (these examples are looping so you can enjoy them over and over again).

We used a mix of techniques ranging from CSS3 animations, JavaScript animations and HTML5 Canvas rendering to get the right result.

All in all, we ended up handcrafting over 20 animations, and we had a lot of fun doing it. You can find the source code for these animations and more at our Codepen page.


“14islands brought the project to life and made it better than I could have imagined. Their attention to detail sets them apart and I highly recommend teaming up with them.”

Haraldur Thorleifsson Haraldur Thorleifsson Creative Director at UENO


Responsive web development and beautiful design all came together to create an impressive and confident experience. This was a super fun and challenging project for us in so many ways.

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