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Play your way to being Internet Awesome

Interland is an adventure-packed game experience on the web that teaches kids online safety. We loved the purpose and jumped at the opportunity to be the main development partner.

A fantastic journey

Together with North Kingdom we created an immersive world consisting of 4 individual games - each one focusing on different aspect of online safety.

Interland - intro

This project has been a long and fantastic journey for us and we were happy to bring many creative solutions to the table. It included multiple runs of user tests to make sure the games were fun and understandable for young kids.

Interactive story telling

The inhabitants of Interland give life and personality to each part of the Interland story. The blue Internaut is the protagonist of the story and is with us throughout the experience.

Each game also has an antagonist, or Blabh as we like to call them in Interland, which the player needs to overcome.

The characters all have a number of animations that are triggered based on what happens around them, making them feel more life-like.


An important part of Interland is the ability to use it in schools, where hardware often consists of tablets or Chromebooks with relatively small screens and less powerful CPUs.

Interland - intro

We take great pride in the fact that the whole experience runs smooth even on older mobile phones.

Be Internet Awesome

Interland is part of the “Be Interland Awesome” initiative by Google, to teach kids about digital citizenship and online safety. On top of Interland, Google asked for a site to explain the overall project for parents and people that are interested this worthy cause.

The Interland Hub

We delivered the companion site as part of the Interland framework — focusing on providing quality content in a friendly, informative and responsive manner.

Creative Tech

This was a complex project that required many tools and a combination of creative technologies.

At the core we built a responsive web site using standard HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The 3D world is rendered on a canvas inside this framework using WebGl.

“14islands proved once again that they are a reliable and trusted partner to work with. Always with a positive and problem solving attitude, making sure each project becomes as good as it possibly can be. Highly recommended.”

Jakob Nylund Jakob Nylund Design Director and Partner at North Kingdom

Game on!

Now it’s your turn to play your way to being Internet Awesome.

And remember, it’s cool to be kind!

Go be awesome

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