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Investments made easy.

Montgomery Investment Management is a boutique funds management firm based in Sydney, Australia. We got approached by Roger Montgomery to build and interactive application to facilitate the manual work required to perform an investment.

New investment user flow example.

Seriously simple

Making an investment doesn’t have to be complicated. What if the legal paperwork required for an investment can be generated and pre-filled by an easy-to-use online form application?

The challenge was set and we embraced the cause.

Built from mobile up to big screens
Built responsive from mobile up to big screens

Un-complexing the process

The normal process of applying for an investment involves going through over 20 pages of information divided into multiple sections.

With an open mind we evaluated the flow and suggested a few points. Points that could potentially ease the process if implemented in our online application form - making it easier to go through digitally.

PDF form initial study.

Crafting a styleguide

Having a style guide is crucial when dealing with responsive web design. And since we are working with forms, having all the components laid out would help visualizing how well our design is doing to communicate our overall solution.

The design was made in house by ourselves.


Experiencing the flow

To build a nicely designed UI that fills a purpose is one of our favorite kind of projects. Animations should have a meaning. Design should solve a problem. Development should make it real. Everything is crafted with the intent to help you go through the application in the smoothest way possible.


Montgomery Investment website is built with Drupal, giving us a chance to dive in and learn more about this popular enterprise Content Management System. We also built some advanced functionality like performing communication with external systems and rendering a pre-filled PDF with the given information from the app.

An ambitious project where custom development embraced user experience and design very nicely.

“14islands has shown an outstanding professionalism from start to finish. It has been a pleasure working with them.”

Roger Montgomery Roger Montgomery Chief Investment Officer at

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