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Smart WiFi put in motion.

Plume is a San Francisco startup on a mission to re-invent the home WiFi. We were brought in as a development studio to build their new website.

Up to speed

Plume is a self-optimizing WiFi system for the home. It provides a simple and fast WiFi in every room of your home by plugging in nice looking pods.

The goal of the website is to show the product in delightful ways and allow people to purchase it. The site is mobile friendly and features many inspiring animations.

New Plume Wifi page.
Built from mobile up to big screens
Built responsive from mobile up to big screens


The project was a team effort. Concept and design was made by Character. Digital Production was in hands of North Kingdom.

The designs were professional and got us inspired. A fun challange to craft out and bring into motion.

Plume Wifi Design.

Plug and play

A big part of this project was to figure out the best way to implement each animation. We started out with simple experiments to find the best feel and technical approach.

Many animations, like the prototype above, were created as flat SVG/CSS animations which are great for performance. This particular animation was later implemented as a high fidelity 3D render to better fit the overal concept.

Making waves

We carefully added movement on each page to help communicate what Plume can do for your home.


On top of working with cutting edge web standards in HTML, CSS and JavaScript; We used the following technologies.

“14islands did an awesome job as development partners. They delivered high quality, attention to details and creative solutions to problems. I highly recommend to partner up with them.”

Daniel Isaksson Daniel Isaksson Technical Director at North Kingdom

Go surfing

Plume is a great product and deserves a website to live up to it.

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